Affiliate Marketing – how to start, part 2

Affiliate Marketing

part 2

affiliate-domain-names-img Affiliate marketing allows online business to affiliate themselves with web site  owners using affiliate programs. Affiliates make money by generating sales, leads  and traffic for the Merchants business. We mentioned in article part 1, that  website is one of the most important thing to become a success affiliate. You will  have more options in sending potential buyers to your affiliate programs if you  create a website. Visiting other professional websites of your niche is a good way  to get some ideas on how to design your website and what will be the content on  it.

For developing your website, you need domain name, hosting space and developer to make the site. Today, there is many Website builder programes, that allow people with almost no IT skills to develope website. You can make free website on blogs like or, but to has your own domain name is better choice, because of full transfer right and because of that we own it for a certain amount of time. We pay the company who we register it with to host it on their name servers. Prices vary from 6,99 to 12$ or more per year for a domain name. To has your paid domain name looks more reputable for you and for your website.